Can you find the ideal job when you are a special needs parent?

Finding the ideal place to work after having a child with special needs, can really be a daunting task. A task that I think many of us avoid for fear we will fool ourselves into thinking there is a company out there with flexible work schedules, onsite daycare, great benefits and of course a parent... Continue Reading →


When moving isn’t an option

We have all probably faced this at some point or another and more than likely we have all taken the easy or comfortable road. What am I talking about? Moving.. Moving to a different state or area within your state for a job opportunity or perhaps to lower your cost of living and then deciding... Continue Reading →

Teach them to be advocates

Educating ourselves so we can help our children, is probably one of the top priorities for parents of kids with special needs. We spend countless hours reading, researching, attending workshops all with the hope that we can be the best advocates for them. However how many of us spend time teaching our children to be... Continue Reading →

Some turkey and a snowman

I love Thanksgiving because it's the one of the few times of the year, aside from Christmas,  where I get to disconnect and focus on my family.  I love the feeling of waking up and not having to get dressed and rush out the door to go to work. I love taking my time to... Continue Reading →

Let Go

Raising our beautifully unique children can be a challenge and even though they are all different, as parents we tend to face very similar struggles. We struggle with finding balance and trying to manage everything. We struggle with letting our children be themselves when the world and those around us want to squeeze them into... Continue Reading →

The Myth of Multitasking

For years I prided myself in being a great multitasker. I went around tackling 4-5 things at a time without even thinking twice about it. I was fast, meticulous and I believed back then to be very efficient. The system worked for me and I was in no way ready to hear that perhaps, just... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Story

As working moms of kids with special needs, we all know that finding balance can leave us all tired and feeling defeated. We consistently find ourselves moving from task to task without taking a second to breathe. We all do it and sometimes we feel like no one else in the world understands how we... Continue Reading →

It is only right that I start off this blog by properly introducing myself. I am a wife, full time career lady and mom of two very special kids. My family and my kids are my number one priority but I also enjoy having a career. This is the reason why I struggle on a... Continue Reading →

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